The Work of Therapy

Individual Therapy We first build a history to help discover more about you and where your journey will start.  We can identify specific goals of treatment soon after that, but it helps if you have some idea of a general area you want to work on.  We may start somewhere specific, see it blossom into something broad, and then hone in to help you feel your best.  Some material may be uncomfortable, if not painful.  You may even think of stopping therapy abruptly.  But if you bear with it and show up for yourself, I believe there are seldom things that can not be achieved together!

Couples and Family Therapy I like to meet with everyone together.  Couples can work with me to find a time that works for the three of us.  I will not take sides; I will not judge and I will not tell you what to do.  What I will do is give each of you the space to talk about what brings you to therapy each week, and reflect back to you what I’m hearing and observing.  We’ll cheer-on successes and re-invest our work when there is a “relapse.”  I may choose to work in individual sessions with each of you on occasion, however, if more regular individual therapy appears indicated, I have several incredibly-skilled colleagues who are accepting referrals and with whom I partner extremely well.  In family work, we may have breakout sessions with individuals, or subsets of the group, to focus on something specific.  Generally, the hope is that all of the family will show up ready to work, and with an excitement to resolve issues, and faith that things can and will change.

Group Therapy If you are interested in group therapy, please let me know.  Groups can be focused on a particular goal, behavior, population, or common issue.

Additional Practitioner Support Sometimes, clients come into therapy with conditions or issues that might require medication support, or, perhaps, something happens in your life where stress begins to feel overwhelming.  I am here to support you and your decisions; this may result in a resolve to explore medications.  My hope would be to make this decision together.  I have a great number of psychiatrists and psychiatric nurse practitioners available to partner with, and make sure you are getting the most comprehensive assessment of your individual needs in this area.  I will communicate regularly with any MD or NP assuring you are at your most comfortable, and that whatever regimen you have agreed to continues to help you, and help us to continue our work together.  For those of you desiring an Eastern or “non-traditional” medical approach, I am aligned with practitioners specifically working with acupuncture, homeopathy, naturopathy, chiropractic, and ayurvedic medicine.  Additionally, if you or your family find you are expecting a child, I have a network of doula practitioners with whom I work closely and will be happy to offer you a referral.